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Explore the oldest active mine in the world! There is nothing to think about it, just book salt mines Krakow.

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine – because this is the place we’re talking about – is a more than 700-year-old structure that impresses with its underground lakes, an endless maze of underground corridors, monumental chambers and the amazing St. Kinga’s Chapel at the front. Descend 135 meters underground to explore this stunning underground city, inscribed as one of the first monuments on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Explore the mysteries hidden in 22 underground chambers by walking through 3.5 km of tunnels.

My impressions

beautiful salt mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the Malopolska province. It is visited in large numbers by tourists from all over the world. No wonder, because visiting the mine near Krakow is something to marvel at. Therefore, once you have visited Krakow, walking its beautiful streets, it is worth changing the destination for a few hours.

During our booked tour, for 2 hours we were able to learn the secrets of the underground world while exploring the beautiful Tourist Route. We saw underground brine lakes, winding corridors and underground chambers, climbed about 800 stairs, learned various interesting facts and discovered many underground secrets.

It is worth knowing that the Wieliczka Salt Mine is easy to get to from Krakow. It’s only 15 kilometers from the Krakow Market Square. After all, Wieliczka is a neighboring town. You can also take the 904 MPK line and walk a few steps from the last stop.

What’s worth seeing in the mine?

  1. Adventure in the royal Salt Mine will allow you to explore many wonderful places. You will see among others:
  2. Multi-meter long corridors – labyrinths,
  3. Impressive excavations – chapels located on the Tourist Route. The most beautiful and most recognizable place in the mine is undoubtedly the Chapel of St. Kinga,
  4. Miraculous lakes in shades of green,
  5. Wooden structures that add to the charm of the places you visit,
  6. Salt sculptures.

This is a prestigious award, but no wonder. The Underground World is an extraordinary place. No description can replace the experience of a live visit. You have to be here to feel the uniqueness of this place, and thanks to an experienced guide you will learn many interesting facts, such as:

– Why is the tree in the mine painted white?

– How are salt cauliflowers formed?

– If salt cauliflowers grow, will it be impossible to move on?

– Why will you feel the incoming air in the Antonia Shaft?

– At which place can you witness an engagement?

Tourist Route and Mining Route

The main routes in the Wieliczka Mine are the Tourist Route and the Mining Route. The latter is designed for fans of adrenaline and fun. During the tour you wander through dark corridors with flashlights on your head, perform tasks and explore mysterious and harsh chambers.

About 2400 chambers were drilled to extract salt, and the tourist can see 21 of the most beautiful ones. What’s more, each of them has its own unique story. These include: Pieskowa Skała Chamber, Michałowice Chamber, Kazimierz Wielki Chamber, Weimar Chamber, and most of all, St. Kinga’s Chapel – for us the most beautiful place in the whole Wieliczka Salt Mine. Between the chambers we move along walkways, supported by pine trees in their natural color or painted white.

The mine itself had 9 levels. The lowest of them was over 327 meters underground, but it was buried. The length of all corridors is about 245 kilometers. You can say that this is an endless salt labyrinth, which will still amaze many. However, it must be remembered that this is a place of mining work, where several hundred miners worked hard underground every day, so that the salt kingdom survived the next centuries.

Visiting the Royal Salt Mine with a child

This place is designed for people of all ages. However, you need to be careful that the tour time is about 2 hours. The Tourist Route may have different routes. In exceptional situations, the chambers may be turned off and its course is currently adjusted to the intensity of tourist traffic. The last point is the elevator trip to the surface, which takes less than a minute.

– How long does the tour last? – The tour of Wieliczka Salt Mine lasts 2 hours,

– What is the temperature like underground? It is about 17 degrees Celsius in the mine,

– How to dress? You don’t need any specific clothes. It is good to have comfortable shoes,

– Age restrictions? – There are none, so you can take a child of any age.

Practical knowledge for visitors

On the territory of the mine, it is possible to use ATMs, but also a currency exchange office. In addition, payment at points within the mine area can be made in cash, but also by card payment. Meals can be consumed in places designated for that purpose or you can use the restaurant services.

Is salt mined in Wieliczka?

There is no salt mined in Wieliczka. The year 1964 is the year when rock salt mining was finished. In 1996 the total exploitation was finished. In the brewing plant is produced from the brine obtained. Its production reaches several thousand tons per year.

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